by Quarter The Villain

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released July 4, 2010

Vocals - Dennis Ostheim Jr.
Drums - Michael Omansiek
Guitars/Bass - Alex Spradling
Guitars/Bass/Synth - Jason Strawley

Tracked and Mixed by Alex Spradling
Mastered by Jason Strawley
Artwork by Kellie Terrell Strawley
Video/Photography by Andrew Garraway



all rights reserved


Quarter The Villain Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Frontier Justice
Dusty trails...gunfights in the streets of mud,
when the clock strikes, you must draw your gun.
A lawless time, where money and whiskey flowed like water downhill,
Times were tough, and you could never be
-unarmed or they would shoot you like the dog that you are!
Oh I can't believe all the blood that's been shed!
Shoot fast! Your bullet better be the one that strikes first,
before he even knows, what hit him.
If you miss and your aim is shit,
or the other guy squeezed his shot off first,
then you'll feel, the breeze, the sunshine, through a hole in your forehead.
I'll be in Hell before you eat breakfast. Let 'er rip!
The hangman in black, released the trap with a laugh -and it was done!
His legs kicked wildly. The air was
-denied access, he smiled and twitched, and you could
see his last breath from the shadow cast out from the gallows.
The dust from the Earth kicked up in the sky and
the shine in their was reflecting moonlight,
-they danced the dance of death.
For your pride you have to,
murder, rob, steal, rape and gamble.
Just to show the boys that you're their leader
and to redefine ruthless, acts.
Shoot the cup off of his head, a playful game that depends on my aim
"Carpenter you spilled the whiskey!"
Though the cup was steady, I'm sure he wasn't ready.
"Carpenter you spilled the whiskey!"
Not the whiskey, shot through the brain and now he's drinking nothing.
Grab the reigns...ride your horse into town like a man that's found
-the only way to get what you want is to...take it yourself and
anybody, that stands, in the way, will fall!
Blow the vault with dynamite, inside the bank where you have the
-hostages tied up, hands bound to their feet,
greet the sheriffs outside with a bullet in their face
-to show that you have no intention, to surrender.
There is, no way, to explain, the look in my eyes!
At 25 people dead, i stopped counting
-with every shot I couldn't miss!
Women, children, and innocent men,
with the sheriffs outside...watching them die...inside
-at the hands of a madman with no escape plan!
The smell of blood was thick, baking in the sun,
out of ammo and guns blazing, gunned down by the
Track Name: Calculate Your Escape
What do when you...
find yourself...stuck in a paradox?
The very question defines my conception,
looking back my first breath was it's own contradiction.
Unreasonable...the road untraveled...
perform the equations to determine the value
-of all your -lives will be compromised,
the roots of the present lie, buried in the past.
We have memories of the past and none of the future, MISLEAD,
We feel we can't change the past but can influence the future!
The Universe won't remember you!
A system...for counting,
just another way to understand where, it all began,
charting the actions, evolution of man.
Stuck in this container...
reversible, -improbable...
floating in this, void that we have,
found ourselves stuck to.
The futile fight pins us down, left to rot,
revealing a corpse withered by the face of a clock.
Calculate...your escape...
-in a future, stretched out by speeds, that have never been seen.
The hands that go 'round continue the countdown,
the enemy in the sand is growing stronger as it falls down.
The speed of light, multiplied by the time interval, as measured on board the
Rocket squared plus the, speed of rocket
as measured by the Earth, multiply the time interval, between the clicks as
measured on Earth squared, equals the speed of,
light times the time interval, between the clicks the measurements
of Earth multiplied, by itself!
Track Name: Choking A Sloth
Right from the start I need to make it clear that your total lack of ambition disgusts me in general,
AND YOUR BLATANT, disregard for people around you is little more than a pitiful stumble
into failure!
You're on your way to beginning, You're on your way to achieving, You're on your way to
nothing, Nothing, NOTHING!
You deserve a break!
NO! Worthless waste of breath, you are! Why do I waste my time? -Trying to convince you to...
-get your shit together at last! I offer you no pity!
Does the air not taste so sweet that you can't...breathe, breathe? I won't do it for you.
You lay covered, in your own filth! You almost blend in...
but nothing's ever exactly the way that it seems on the surface!
You're just a fraud! I'm just too clever! Your ethics--questionable.
You're a product of your environment,
one that could bring the end of man.
You suckle off the hard-working,
you wouldn't even know what work is--nonetheless what's hard!
You abuse the system!
-now is the time for you to decide if you're gonna survive
but will you have enough drive to get up and...FIGHT?!?!
You seem to breed...only for money!
Collect your checks to reproduce,
without the kids you're not much use.
Against all odds you procreate,
infect us all with population degradation bringing devastation, to us ALL!!
Follow unknown...fuck us JUST TO help your own!
No more Mister nice guy! I have become...
immune to the disappointment that you spread amongst yourselves, this is out of control!
Callously, you look in the eyes...
on the faces of the ones you love supposed to hold them high above and spitting on the things
they want for you!
Beg for change, -just to stay the same...
pan handling dreams of others for your own gain...
NO Longer will I stand by! I have wasted my time...
and now I have, no more time to donate to a worthless cause with no resolve I will withdraw my
helping hand
-Watch as you drown in what you created!
Doesn't that what you...really wanted all along -to blame another so it doesn't FEEL
You forgot to factor in....before your plan began, you were defeated from the very DAY THAT
Track Name: F.U.B.A.R.B.Q.
(War Cry) -You can't stop me!
I have come...into your land
I will fight...until my death own accord,
observe your fallen brethren at my feet and begging -for their lives!
I survive...on the last breath
I revive...when I take life
My...every instinct...wills me to kill.
Warrior, I was bred for war.
Inferior, I will crush them all, with my,
sword in hand I strike again and they are not
-deserving of my mercy!
I will unleash the fury of a,
12,000 man army,
-embodied by, one human being!
Out manned and, out gunned I,
cut through...their bloodfist...persuades their...resistance...
-to withdraw from the front lines of, a loss in progress, my bedside!
It seems that I've seen the nightmares that others dream,
reflecting my own reality back at me!
Numb to the feeling of, crawling...through the entrails of...
weak minded soldiers and countries, that sacrifice their,
own sons and daughters!
My enemy is it man or machine?
My hand will deaden the fields of opposition, regardless,
of the cost of it all, protection...resist and the bodies will fall!
Such a peaceful...night! SURPRISE ATTACK!
-confusion sets in like an old man without medicine!
The last thing that they ever see is my blood-spattered grin!
I have shed, blood as well,
-violence settles all disputes underneath my boots is proof
I will lead, follow me,
into the field of battle -the only place I know I'm safe
Track Name: Sock Puppet Vendetta
Get your hand out of my ass!

Can you feel my resentment?
Talk to the hand and look inside yourself, to, find the, inner most layer of self that died
long ago!
They’re coming for you…and they’re not going to stop,
Until they get what they came for!
Out of control…the motive for change occurs in an underdeveloped brain,
This is what you get for putting words in my mouth!
Silk for the sultry…and paper for the pauper
Dastardly deeds…assisted by fashion, will awake you in a world with unbridled passion!
Years alone…my friend’s are fine -I made mine and they push me to wash away those
-have washed their skin…they demand to be allowed to speak and be cleaned
-on spin cycle with your blood as detergent…
No hidden agenda, just hatred vendetta!
It’s time! Everybody gather around!
Now you get -to…meet…my…friends!
Remember this, when you close your eyes…
I hope you SUFFER!
In my world, I am the hand that sleeps, awaiting the order to rise up and take what’s mine
-I’m in control now…You have lost!
This cannot be undone…It has become a part of me!
Attached against my will!
Sickened by the feeling…idle hands are for the weak!
Why have you? Why have you waited for this moment so long?
Now I get to -speak my mind, realize - that’s there no way to escape
Victim! My body’s not broken from the invasion!
It stands strong, yet so wrong, -the other life in me…wants to be released…
Let me introduce you to a brand new me!